Good Morning Missoni

Where do I begin? 
Months ago when I first heard of the collaboration of Missoni and Target, that led to months of fierce anticipation for this very morning?
Last night when I happily set my alarm for 7 AM?
This morning walking into Target at 8:00 on the dot to find people already inside and snatching up the trademark Missoni print sweaters and skirts? Where did they get their VIP passes? Who did they bribe?

I am happy. 
Like mentioned before, I happily set my alarm for 7 AM and was ready to go with coffee in hand at 7:45 when the little sis picked me up to begin our exciting adventure. Upon pulling into the Target parking lot I didn't see too many cars, only to realize that the cars that were there all held passengers that were on the same mission as I was. 
The Missoni section was already swarming with college aged girls to middle-aged fashionistas. We began to frantically grab our sizes in everything and rushed to the dressing rooms.
Let me tell you, Target dressing rooms are great for photo ops. Not.

Done with clothes. Move on to accessories.
Infinity scarf? Two please!

Next stop, small office accessories. 
We begin to look at the binders, notebooks, and pencils when a very sweet worker informs us that we better head to the back because the stuff there is going quick.
Thank you sir, you are too kind. 

He was not lying. We start speed walking down the aisles (along with the rest of the Missoni maniacs) to find that pillows have been wiped out and shoes are going quick. 
At this point I am most concerned with home decor and quickly scan the aisles for bowls and plates and cups (oh my!) only to realize that a Target employee is still putting these items on the shelf (at glacial speed). A mass of women have formed a mob around her and as soon as she prices and places an item on the shelf it is quickly snatched up and placed in some ones cart.

Many carts at this point are completely overflowing and I realize that people are completely hoarding items... so smart, why didn't I think of that!

8:30 AM
Time to check out, because unfortunately I have class at 9:00 and I can't be late. We check out and I realize I am behind the most successful hoarders who spent $1878 (after opening a RedCard and saving $90, she was just full of good ideas today).
I finish checking out but can't leave without some Starbucks to round out my perfect morning.


Infinity scarf, skirt, pj shorts, glasses, notebook, and I know I purchased some pencils that have now gone missing. Someone probably snatched them out of my bag while I was adding sugar to my latte. 
Sneaky sneaky.

Until next time.
"For the love of Missoni!!!!"

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