Dream Land

Kelly, from Fabulous K (one of my favorites), was featured over here at La Dolce Vita, talking about what her dream home would be. 
She featured gorgeous pictures that she would like in her own NYC apartment and if this dream home existed I would be over for sleepovers, game nights, and dinner parties all the time. 

These are just a few of the lovely rooms she has floating around her head.

My dream house would be in California or Colorado. Some place that I could look out the windows and see either the ocean or the mountains. Every room would feel like home, even to a stranger, and the kitchen would always smell like chocolate chip cookies.
Here are a few of my own ideas of my dream home.

I love that this bedroom isn't exactly a grand master bedroom but perfect for me with a candle, fresh flowers and a stack of books in arms reach and breakfast, coffee, and a laptop on the bed.

source: Lonny Mag
source:Verdigris Vie
A closet full of fun goodies is a necessity. This makes me swoon.
source: Lonny Mag
source: Lonny Mag
That's the guesthouse in the back. It's my dream house and I can dream as big as I want.

Until next time.
Dreaming of a home office where I blog all day for pay.

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