Could I Have That

I was unsure of what I was going to blog about this morning, I had already planned to skip todays post unless an idea just came to me in the night or during my morning coffee. 
Well I think the coffee works as a creative stimulant for my brain because at 9:00 AM I already had a few good ideas rolling around. 
It was when I ran across these pictures from what seems like the most beautiful wedding that I knew exactly what sweet thing I needed to share this morning. 

Even if all the guests can't see them, wedding shoes are one of the most important things.
It's like cute underwear... no one sees it but you know what your wearing and it makes you feel a little more fun and if you are wearing Jimmy Choo sparkle heels under your dress you probably feel a little more glamorous. 

These lucky bridesmaids were so blessed by their loving bride who provided them with bridesmaids dresses that can absolutely be worn again. I swoon over these simple and sparkly Tibi dresses that were worn with rhinestone accessories. 

I love all of their different hairstyles yet matching robes. 

The only thing missing from this blogpost from Could I Have That (written by the lovely lady on the far right) was the brides dress. I am dying to know what it looked like, but if I had to guess it would probably look like this...

or this...
Dresses by Ivy & Aster
My ultimate swoon when it comes to wedding dresses.

Until next time.
Here comes the bridesmaids...
all dressed in Tibi

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