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Late on Thursday night I was able to shop at my favorite store with some of my favorite people after hours.
J. Crew hosted a private event for some friends and we were able to browse around the store and take over all the dressing rooms with no one to get in our way or steal the last pair of pants in our size.

Browsing turned into buying.
Matching necklaces, Megan's a neutral and mine bright turquoise.

I fell in love with a few things while in the store.
"I never met a poncho I didn't like"

I spy colored tights, perfect for fall!

Such a fun night of successful shopping, and by successful I mean while everyone purchased practical clothes I bought the turquoise necklace and a scarf.
Accessories are my new favorite! Speaking of favorites, I am quickly falling in love with maxi skirts and dresses for fall and preparing for a mission to find one today.

Until next time.
Crew with the crew.

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