Second Breakfast

My best friend and I have started a new Friday morning tradition we are calling Second Breakfast. Waking up for a very early class means we have to wake up even earlier to get "ready", eat breakfast, and chug a cup of coffee. 
The only good thing is knowing that when we come home we get to change back into our comfy clothes, make more coffee or hot chocolate, and make "second breakfast" which is always better than the bowl of cereal we had at 7:30.

We were excited to come home and make something yummy like chocolate chip banana bread until we realized none of the roommates had been to the grocery store in a while and we haven't found anyone willing to deliver bags of chocolate chips to our house when we need them.
So we resorted to a boxed kit of Blueberry Streusel muffins and bacon. Still delicious and perfect for second breakfast as we watch The Today Show that we recorded.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday!

Enjoy your weekend and these links of friday fancies I stumbled across on my morning blog crawl.

Until next time. 
Kathie Lee and Hoda make my mornings good.

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