Fall DIY

After one of the greatest weekends that fall provides me, I was happy to be home where I could curl up on the couch with Starbucks, rain on the window, and the most recent episode of Gossip Girl (guilty, you know you love me). How is it that rain has this effect on people that makes them want to do absolutely nothing productive? Rather than homework and cleaning my room, I will browse Pinterest searching for fall outfits, like thisthis, and this.

Other than hours of Pinterest, rainy days, overflowing mugs of hot coffee and football games, my favorite thing about fall is finding that perfect sweater that you know you are going to live in all season. 

This fall, my favorite sweater happens to be in my favorite fall colors as well, crimson and cream. There is just something missing from this perfect sweater that I found out I can add myself.

via. Elsea Chelsea

How easy could this be? Just a pair of brown, leather patches, a perfectly warm striped sweater, a needle and thread and I am trending for fall in no time. 

Until next time.
Caramel Apple Spice warms my soul.

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