My Mother's Closet

I have mentioned before that I am not your average girl when it comes to an obsession with shoes. Yes, I swoon over a pair of shiny-red bottomed Louboutin's but take me to the shoe department at Saks and I am bored in 4 minutes. 
Luckily I have my fashionable mother who is not only obsessed with clothes and jewelry, but especially shoes. Look at this very small collection from her closet above. My mother loves her shoes, her sandals, flats, her massive collection of boots, and her heels, that make her right around six feet tall.

I may not like shopping for shoes but that doesn't mean I didn't swoon when I first saw these Elizabeth and James heeled booties in her closet.

When shopping together recently, surprisingly at a shoe store, I actually fell in love with a pair of shoes and knew that I couldn't live without them. They weren't my typical, basic nude or black heel either...

Oh baby. My obsession with leopard only continues to grow as the days get cooler. 
Upon trying on these heeled booties I couldn't take them off but my mom was hesitant to let me get them thinking that I would never wear them. I assured her that I would and then let it slip that I had a blog post in the works that was centered around her and her sassy shoe collection. 
Is using my blog as a form of bribery wrong? Not if it works. And it worked.

Until next time.
Mom, you are so beautiful...
and if you believe me then click here.

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