New York, New York

I can't claim to be an expert on all things New York. My sister who has been there for three years probably can't honestly say that she is a pro either, unless it comes to the best brunch spots, and at that she is top rate. 
Joanna, from A Cup of Joe, who lives in and blogs from New York devoted the last week of September to this city we all love. Her blog posts were full of guides to the city, its hotels, secret treasures, and ways not to look like a tourist, which was my personal favorite. 

via. A Cup of Joe- Guide to New York City

This would be an example of how to look like a tourist. Taking pics in Times square= Not okay if trying to appear like a New Yorker.

I'm ready for you New York. 

Until next time.
"New York Magazine says Brooklyn is the new New York"

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