Things I Love

So so so many things that I am loving this week. 

Starting off our list today is a collection of colored jeans that puts Essie's fall collection to shame.

Joe's Jeans has introduced their "skinny" jean in 55 (count them!) colors. I die. 
Not only do I own a pair of these jeans, in Fiery Red, but I absolutely love them, but they have reached that level of your favorite jeans that never get washed because you are too busy wearing them. Let me tell you, it is not quite as easy getting away with wearing red jeans as often as dark wash denim, but I am working on switching up my outfits so no one can tell.
Other than the comfortability factor of these jeans, I love them because browsing the selection is like picking out nail polish; comparing the names and shades to find the one that is perfect for you.
Colors that are on my radar right now?
Dirty Olive, Sassafrass, Spruce, and Caramel for fall and winter.

Available at JOE'S JEANS

How often does one have to mention a certain blogger before it is classified as a full-on blog girl crush?
Bee, from Atlantic-Pacific... cannot get enough of her outfit posts.

With the craziness this season has brought with it, I find that I don't have the joy of reading all of my "daily blog reads", but I always make time for Bee's post, as well as some of (all of) her twitter updates through out the day. Upon seeing this post I fell in love with her trench, first thinking that it was reversible jacket from the pictures, but to my surprise it is even better than that.
Kelly Wearstler

Perfectly color-blocked and totally mod. Swoon.

When shopping with my sister in SoHo, we had to step into Bloomingdales to escape the mass of people at the street fair on Broadway. Let me tell you, it was such a bummer having to go into that place. That beautiful, shiny department store. 
We were immediately drawn to a jewelry display that had all sorts of bangles, delicate rings, statement necklaces, and lots of dangling earrings. Being girls, we start playing around as the sales clerk is encouraging us to try on different combinations of the unique designs. As we start conversing with the woman we find out that she is the designer (so glad I liked the jewelry and didn't make rude comments). 
C.J. Recht
Everything I tried on from her collections I loved, especially her pieces made out of sting ray skin.
She talked me into buying a pair of big, beautiful hoop earrings, because according to C.J. studs should never be worn, because they aren't even worth putting on. 
"If you are going to take the time to put in studs, you should at least put in something that is going to flatter you. I believe that the bigger the person, and the bigger the personality, the bigger their earrings should be."

Well I had to buy the hoops after hearing that. I absolutely love the hammered silver hoops with gold details and have found myself wearing them even more than I had anticipated. I am not quite ready to kick my little studs to the curb but I am trying to embrace this new motto on jewelry. 

Some other things I am loving, thanks to Refinery 29.

Nicki Minaj OPI Collection- I feel like when I wear these all I would want to say is "I'M THE SECOND NICKI MINAJ!!!!!!!"

Until next time.
Color me happy.

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