There are days that I really miss my pink and blue colored tips and wish that there was a way that I could have them back, if only for a day.

It's like the hair gods heard my thoughts and answered my requests with Kevin Murphy's Color Bug temporary hair shadow.
love Kevin. Murphy

The concept behind this temporary color came from a trip that the Australian stylist took to India, where he discovered the women coloring their hair with powdered pigments. Lightbulb! Kevin Murphy has now been temporarily coloring his clients hair with what is essentially eye shadow for your hair! Finally he came out with a product that anyone can apply quickly at home for a day or night of colored fun. 
Available in pink, purple, and orange, these color bugs can be ordered from adorebeauty.com. The color bugs were supposed to be released in the United States in October but no one can seem to find them in stores or online yet, so orders have to be made in Australia. Worth it? I think so, and am anxiously awaiting my grape color bug.

Until next time.
Tip top color.

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