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This week is shaping up to be the best this season. It is really, really beginning to feel like fall and my wardrobe is showing that in my daily uniform of oversized sweater, J. Crew pixie pants, assorted pairs of boots, and a leopard scarf. 
 I added a new item to my leopard collection, which is the beret featured in the My Space picture above. When you are all alone and just want to show off your new hat to your family, sometimes you must resort to strategically posing for a "self-y". Shameful, but I kind of like it, and I LOVE my new hat. It will undoubtably be worn everyday this winter.

When the temperature hit 54 degrees, it immediately put me in the mood to watch a movie. I have been a huge fan of Dead Poets Society since we watched it in 8th grade and it has only gotten better as I have grown up. I very rarely have crushes on movie stars and I never had Beiber Fever, but I can't help but admit that I am in love with Knox Overstreet from this movie. His name alone makes me go weak at the knees, not to mention that he barges into his true love's classroom to read an original poem inspired by her. So, I might actually gag if that ever happened to me, but I swoon every time I watch it on screen. Chris Noel, you are a lucky girl to get that catch in a prep school uniform.

While watching DPS, I whipped up some delicious Pumpkin Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting to share with my coworkers, which we all loved. An incredibly easy recipe!

I love when one of my dreams comes true (kind of). My dream job has always been to create the window displays for Barney's. Well today at work, I was given the task of changing our store's window display and although that only involved me changing the clothes on the mannequins, I secretly pretended that it was for Barney's. I would even freeze and pose like a mannequin as people would so innocently stroll by. The things I find amusement in...

Until next time.
The best weeks result in even better weekends. 

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