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How entertained was I when this little joy popped up on my Twitter newsfeed this morning? (thanks sis and fellow Delia*s lover)
How Refinery 29 came across this 1999 spread from the catalog that launched a thousand fashion disasters, I am not sure, but the jog down memory lane was nice. Getting these catalogs each month (it sometimes seemed like they came everyday) was the highlight of my 6th grade life, second only maybe to getting to show off my Delia*s outfit at the mall on Friday nights. There was a particular black, slightly off the shoulder sweater that I had from Delia*s that I can easily say started my obsession with sweaters. My mom finally "lost it/ruined it in the wash" so that my sister and I would stop wearing it every single day, but if you ask me, that is the sign that it is a great investment.

Pretty much, I love Refinery 29 today, this week, and always. I love anything that will be a distraction from homework, professors, and lazy mornings at work. 

Other Link Love from Refinery 29 

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Until next time.
Keep loving.

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