Thanksgiving break is such a tease. While I enjoyed the break, I got absolutely nothing done that didn't involve eating. Not only did I not work on any of the homework I had due this week, I hadn't come up with any ideas for the blog, and that is why you are getting a blogpost via instagram.
I did get to go to my last football game as a "real college student" but the joy of 4-Year Universities these days is that no one actually graduates in four years, and why would you want to when you can stick around for another football season in Oklahoma?

This is my coffee cup today, sad and empty. 
I am trying this new thing that involves me not drinking coffee for a day. 
So far I am fine other than the pounding headache in my temples.
I will make it through, and prove to myself that I do not need coffee to survive.

My sister found me the cutest ornament for my tree that looks shockingly similar to my heaven-sent Kitchen Aid. 

I love that black friday and cyber monday have no rules whatsoever and really the whole weekend after Thanksgiving should just be called "The Great Sale Days" because that's what it is. 
No complaints here when I think of the new lovely things hanging in my closet ready to be worn to a holiday party. 

Until next time.
Another gift guide this week...
I promise!

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