Bench Warmer

I feel like I am always telling my parents that I am still missing things for my bedroom. I needed shelves, then my desk, and especially a bench for the end of my bed. I was seeing this bench trend online, Pinterest, and in every House Beautiful I opened up and I had begun looking for a bench for my own bed room.
Of course I had no luck whatsoever finding something for a good price, but that is what moms are for, right?

Let me preface this by saying that my mom DETESTS thrift stores, but somehow my aunt dragged her to a "clean" Salvation Army in Dallas and she found this bench for $32! The size was perfect and the fabric had me swooning for hours...


The bench looks great now that my parents slaved over it for hours, who knew recovering furniture was actually difficult?
The after...

Looks even better than I could have imagined.

So now that I have my bench I should be completely content with my bedroom, right? Of course not, I am a girl and we are never completely happy, and I would really love some cool art next to my desk.

Know any "clean" thrift stores in Oklahoma?


  1. What candles are those, I am a candle freak and would love to know your favs!

    1. I have always loved Volcano candles, you can't go wrong, but my newest obsession are Illume candles. They have new scents for each season; I thought that nothing would be better than twilight vanilla and mulled wine in winter, but the new thai lily and pineapple cilantro are incredible.


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