I know that I couldn't live in a city without a Target. Not just for groceries, toiletries, and a great magazine selection but for all the other treasures you find when you run in for a bag of apples. Funny how a trip that should have set you back $3.95 has somehow become $75 all too quickly. 
Luckily this weekend my mom offered to stock my sister and me with all our necessary objects, like shampoo, vitamins, and energy bars for our trip back to school. Little did we all know that we would come across some of the greatest finds while strolling the aisles of Target on a Sunday afternoon.

1. Hi-Lo Skirt $14.99
2. Lace Bra $16.99
3. Neon Backpack $29.99
4. Tribal Skirt $14.99

I am absolutely obsessed with this uneven skirt that we found, it is about as chic as Target gets and I am already thinking about the different places that I can wear it.
Enjoy these additional temptations as you try to stick to your list at this fantastic money trap.

Right on target.

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