Coffee Toffee Bars

As I was sitting here writing this blog post about sugary, carmely, chocolately, toffee bars, my mom text me to remind me about my dentist appointment to have my cavities filled... pause... look at the toffee bar next to me... take a bite... continue writing. I'll brush my teeth really well and floss between every tooth later. 

When I found this recipe on Sunday, my blog anniversary/birthday/new year, I knew that it was the perfect treat because the first word was coffee and the recipe name rhymed. 

The blogger that I originally found this recipe from said this about these sweet treats, "I swear by my Kitchen Aid mixer, this is the best darn batch of cookie bars I have ever made or tasted. Ever. EVAH."

So along with the word coffee and the fact that the name rhymed, this high praise had me racing to the grocery store to find the remaining ingredients necessary for these coffee toffee bars (it's just fun to say).

The recipe was so easy and the end result was to die for. The combination of chewy toffee with a hint of coffee flavoring and lots of chocolate is delicious alone but eating one with a cup of coffee just might be a little slice of heaven. So I found a new favorite dessert and also found out that I really like Heath bars. Who knew?
This toffee bar made the perfect celebratory treat for my special day on Sunday and I will most likely find a million other reasons to make them throughout the next months. 

Anything you eat with coffee constitutes as breakfast food. 

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