Spinach Enchiladas

Thursday night was a single-gal dinner, which consisted of these spinach enchiladas (that The Today Show assured me were healthy), a mini marathon of Sex and the City, a bit of light cleaning, and a lot of throw backs on my iTunes (now playing "Wake Me Up When September Ends" by Green Day).

You can watch the segment here from the Today Show.
It was a really easy meal and incorporated tomatillos which is my favorite topping for enchiladas.

The original recipe was designed for a family meal so I had to tweak it a little bit. I wish that my sauce would have turned out a little creamier but I think that can be fixed by adding less water to the salsa verde. The end result was delicious and from beginning to end only took about 15 minutes. 

Until next time.
Who says that single-gal dinners have to be frozen?

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