Like Crazy

See it.
I can't do it justice by trying to talk about it and review it. It was wonderful.
Not wonderful in the way that most romantic comedies are, but in a way that captures real and true and passionate love and the struggles that comes along with that. 
I can't remember the last time I have cried so hard in a movie, and not just during it but the whole drive home as well. My mom was very disturbed to find me at home with my mascara all over my face.
It is real life and in real life love doesn't always end up the way you expect it to.

I thought I understood it
That I could grasp it
But I didn’t
Not really
I knew the smudgeness of it
The pink-slippered-all-containered-semi-precious eagerness of it
I didn’t realize it would sometimes be more than whole
The wholeness was a rather luxurious idea
Because its the halves that halve you in half
Didn’t know
Don’t know about the in between bits
The gore-y bits of you
And gore-y bits of me
-Like Crazy

Until next time.
Crying watching the trailer. 

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