Dark Chocolate and Red Wine Cookies

I have talked about dynamic duos before, I mentioned Tom Hanks with Meg Ryan and Essie nail polish and J. Crew, but I discovered the best duo this past weekend. 
Dark chocolate and red wine. I swooned for hours.

I was looking through my files for a sweet treat to take to a bachelorette party in which I was asked to bring either dessert or an alcoholic beverage. I thought to myself, why not combine the two for a real crowd pleaser. 

From the moment I found these cookies, on Keep It Simple Foods, I was intrigued and I knew that a  party with my best friends was the perfect event to try them out. My sister helped and as the smell of the dough filled my little kitchen we agreed that we had found a great cookie recipe. We could not keep our hands out of the mixing bowl as we were placing the spoonfuls on the cookie sheets and waiting for these gems to come out the the oven was torture. The cookies proved to be equally as wonderful as the dough and I knew my friends would agree later that night. Even after a massive mexican feast we all found a way to eat at least one cookie; they were just that wonderful.

In typical fashion I forgot to take a picture of the final product... just imagine a dark cookie with the most perfect gooey center you could ever think of. 

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