One of Those

It's one of those weeks that all I want to do is read my favorite blogs and write and share things here. I would love nothing more than to spend real time in my kitchen and work on recipes.
It's one of those weeks when there isn't a spare moment for anything that I really would like to do.
Is it sad that I wouldn't mind feeling sick right now if it gave me an excuse to spend the day in bed?

So simply because I want nothing more than to share with you (when I should be sleeping) I am going to clear off my desktop and post some pictures that make me happy (but getting them off my desktop will make me happier).

via. Dazzling Luxury
source: unknown
via. I Love Things That Love Me Back
source: unknown

and some videos...
"Take Care" cover by Florence and the Machine

April 5th

Because what girl doesn't want Princess Swagger?

It might be next week.

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