Glitter Guide Popcorn

Picture taken by a professional whose hands were not stuck together due to an
outrageous amount of white chocolate.
Thanks The Glitter Guide

I have said it before and I'll say it again. It is almost impossible to cook/bake and take pictures at the same time, especially when what you are making requires your hands and arms to be entirely coated in white chocolate. And I am supposed to be taking pictures of this process? I can't even scratch my nose without looking like a total spaz.

Saturday morning and a recipe that I had been anxiously awaiting to make all week. 
Little did I know that it requires a kitchen with twice the counter space as the one in my little house. 
Regardless the recipe is easy and fun and produces great results just be prepared to get a little bit messy!

Original recipe here at The Glitter Guide.
(I cheated though and used microwave popcorn rather than popping my own like in the old days when friday nights consisted of my entire family sitting on a sheet in the living room, eating stove-popped popcorn and watching That Thing You Do)

After pouring the white chocolate over the popcorn, I saw no other way of properly mixing it other than using my hands. Sometimes spoons just wont suffice. 
Once the popcorn is (almost) evenly coated in white chocolate, lay out to dry. At this point try to break up as many pieces that are stuck together.
Also try not to eat half of the batch while it is covered in delicious, melty, chocolate.

Apply a generous amount of sprinkles almost immediately after pouring the chocolate on the popcorn.
Serve in a big bowl with a big group of friends and feel like a big fatty when you finish the big bowl of white chocolate confetti popcorn by yourself over an episode of Gossip Girl.

One thing I have learned and one thing I believe, you can never have too many rainbow sprinkles.

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