Boyfriend Gift Guide

When I got a text last week from a friend looking for Valentine's gift ideas for her boyfriend I was shocked at why she would be asking me. I haven't bought a Valentine's day present for a boy since the 7th grade, and I think that it was a baseball cap from American Eagle. 
But once I started thinking about it more, I realized that I have had a lot of friends in the last couple decades of my life that have had to go through the struggle of buying gifts for boys. And when I say struggle, I mean struggle. 
Hopefully my ideas cover all price ranges and personalities; for those who have been dating for a week or for those couples in it for the long haul (and on their 5th Valentine's Day together).

Timex Watch $98-$195
Tie $95
His favorite TV on DVD set- I would recommend Friday Night Lights, Dexter, Game of Thrones-whatever he loves!
A jersey of his favorite sports team- I would recommend one for the OKC Thunder

And if a store bought gift isn't enough to show your love then I would suggest baking something sweet to really seal the deal on your special gift.

And if you still need ideas (you can never have too many) then check these man gifts from Etsy.

Good luck girls.


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  2. the boys need some of the luxerious things...but it doesnot mean always that.....they need more love from girls aas well as more care.....they would be very much happy when girls provide a basket of red flower as red rose is a symbol of love......so please try this instead of providing luxerious things....thankyou

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  3. These are really great gift ideas Kathleen! I would suggest that if you have a more mature partner that you get him good quality cigars. He'll feel like the next James Bond

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