I'm back!
It has been 20 days since I have had a real blog post which seems unimaginable. It all started with computer problems which resulted in a whole new computer (luckily with all my data transferred) and ended with a little trip down to Mexico for a much needed vacation. 
But I am back in America now and typing on a brand new keyboard, one that doesn't have coffee stains and streaks of pink and blue hair dye on it. I don't plan on ever leaving for that long again, but in times of crazy school stress that I foresee in the future I cannot make any promises.
While I was gone Spring officially arrived and this girl couldn't be more excited. Last night I was organizing my clothes rack and had no problem relocating my favorite chunky sweaters under my bed until fall. The black and brown section of my color coordinated clothes rack is significantly smaller and the brights and florals are blooming and booming.
Along with rotating my wardrobe I have switched out my winter purples, crimsons, and greens for some of my favorite nail polishes ever. I pulled out my Essie Tart Deco to paint my nails and was practically scraping the sides to get out enough color to do one nail. Warmer weather definitely calls for nail polish shopping.
Speaking of warm weather... Mexico has some warm weather this time of year and I loved getting to go down and enjoy it for five days this past week. Mexico is great all the time, but it only gets better when you are with 30 of the most fun people you know. I definitely wasn't ready to come back after laying in the sun all day and wearing my favorite maxi dresses at night. 
It is unfortunately time to enter the real world again, one where food isn't all-inclusive, I don't constantly smell like SPF 45, and being lazy isn't an option.
You know what is really great though? Spring break is over and so are Spring Break diets...

Bring on the cupcakes.

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  1. Happy you're back!! I missed that ray of sunshine you bring each day!


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