Oatmeal Scotchies

Another cookie recipe to add to my collection and this one goes right to the top of the list.
It all started on Friday night when I found out about a little treat called the Cookie of the Month club. Well pardon my surprise when I realized that I was not a part of this elite group and needed to be. Unfortunately my funds don't cover monthly goodies being delivered to my door (oh, well other than Birchbox and House Beautiful) so I will have to stick to baking my own. According to the website, last month's cookie was an Oatmeal Scotchie.
You had me at oatmeal, followed shortly by a swoon moment just thinking about butterscotch chips.
Mind made up. I was already on my way to the store to pick up the missing ingredients for these nutty, oatmeal, scotch a roo cookies.

I am not usually a big fan of coconut but was feeling crazy so decided to follow the recipe for once and include it. The coconut flavor was hidden behind the other great flavors but I believe that it was a contributing factor in these cookies greatness.

I was feeling generous and decided to share these cookies with the ones I care about over Easter weekend and they agreed that they were irresistible. Even after a Sunday brunch filled with shrimp & grits, french toast, and strawberry pie we finished off these cookies while relaxing and watching the Masters. 

Perfect weekend with the perfect cookie.

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