There Are No Words

This is a love story.
I remember when I first saw the recipe for Coffee Bacon Sandwiches on Pinterest (thanks Annie).
I remember dreaming about this sandwich for weeks.
And then I made it and never realized I could love something so much.
My addiction for food has reached a new high (or low deepening on how you view this obsession).

Coffee bacon sandwiches might have just become a new Thursday night tradition. 
Or maybe Thursday should just be "unusual combination of ingredients on bread" night. In fact I could just start a new blog just dedicated to that. But I would be lying if I said I wouldn't get jealous if a crazy sandwich blog got more hits than this one. But lets be real, people are strange with their interests and I would probably get my own show on Food Network. 
I'll keep you posted on that life-changing idea...

Now to the real reason for this post--
It all starts the night before as you prepare the marinade for the bacon. A mixture of coffee, spices, and molasses create a taste I have never experienced before. I have been successfully consuming as much coffee as possible this whole week (lent was a long 40 days) so I definitely didn't skimp on the coffee grounds and I recommend you do the same.

Hands down the best sandwich I have ever eaten. Dinner with my sister was silent as we basked in the incredible taste. Between bites and silence were occasional whispered exclamations of goodness about our dinner. I think somewhere in my taste intoxication I swore I was going to open a food truck and only serve these sandwiches and sweet potato fries (recipe to come).

Who knows, maybe my future is a coffee bacon food truck and an obscure sandwich blog.
I totally needed 4 years of college for that.

What else can I marinade with coffee?

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  1. haha i love this! I will buy from your food truck any time!


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