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I don't know if this DIY is even blog-worthy, seeing as that anyone could look at it and know exactly how to make it for themselves. 
I have had this particular quote pinned for weeks and seeing as that I had not a thing to do on Thursday, I decided that was the day to tackle all my crafting projects I had lined up (another project to come next week, maybe even this weekend if I am feeling really crazy).

Something about this quote--

Not only do I love these words but it was probably the easiest craft project I have ever done. I love the way it turned out and am so excited to display it with my plethora of canvases. I might need a whole wall to hang all of the things I have painted and plan on painting (all safety pinned away on Pinterest right now).

Any sized white canvas, I used a 9x12 
7 different colors of corresponding paint colors, I only had four different colors so I mixed mine to make new ones
Thin or medium sized paint pen
Foam paint brush

That's it! So easy. I used a foam brush and roughly painted each line. This does not need to be perfect!
Once dry I simply wrote the quote with paint pen, and voila! Done!

My next DIY? Or maybe something like this.

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  1. I love it! I'm glad you decided to still post it :)
    -Amy Lewis


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