Sweet Summertime

It is summer and I am sorry for all of you that aren't quite there yet but I can't help but throw my hands in the air and celebrate!

Let's take a look into my life these past three days of freedom-
It's been a little bit of this...

But mostly this...

For all those who are still enduring the pains of school here are some much needed distractions and some link love.

I cannot even imagine.
New edition of The Rue.
Currently coveting: Love Anklet
Blog made up completely of sketches--a talent I wish I had
Cool print.
Philosophy on blogging.
Just in case you've been living under a rock and haven't discovered this blog.
Coach Taylor for the win. Clear eyes, full hearts.

all photos- source Dazzling Luxury <-- my number 1 distractor

Go back to what you should be doing.
But come back tomorrow.

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