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With my upcoming move into a new home, I have been thinking a lot about what my room will look like. I know that mostly it will look similar to my room now, with the same furniture, bedding, and wall hangings; all I will be missing is the slanted walls of my current room. 

Speaking of walls, my mom and I have been talking about the possibility of removable wallpaper on at least one of my walls. It seems like the perfect idea for jazzing up an apartment.

Wall Candy Arts

 More Wall Candy Arts
So far these two providers are my favorite, but if you know of other places that have removable wall paper I would love to hear about them. 

So whether you are living in an apartment or house, these wall coverings are perfect for those just renting or afraid of commitment. 
Whether it be all four walls, or just one, add a little something to your room to make it that much more fabulous.

The only question is stripes or polka dots.

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