I love Birchbox and I will never regret ordering it, but I must admit that I was slightly disappointed upon its arrival this month. I had been been awaiting May's box arrival especially since it was going to be inspired by Gossip Girl.

I remember sneaking my sister's Gossip Girl books when I was still in middle school and reading them under my covers late at night. I knew that my mom wouldn't approve of my reading the risqué plots and looking back I am a little ashamed with myself for reading them. Luckily I turned out okay.
 I watched the show religiously in high school and actually started watching the newest season again once school was out for summer; possibly in anticipation for my Birch Box.

When I heard that Manhattan's elite was the inspiration this month I  think I was expecting a rhinestone headband like Blair's infamous ones in the first seasons, thick eyeliner to channel Little J in later seasons, and a miraculous serum that makes my hair look just like Serena's. I only got four samples this month and none were going to make me look like a student at Constance School for Girls.

{Dior Extase Mascara}
{Miss Dior Eau de Parfum) Smells like something Blair Waldorf would wear while lunching on the steps of the Met, unfortunately it gives me a headache 
{Miracle Skin Transformer} For flawless skin, all over
{Shu Uemura Shampoo} This might be the Serena hair serum I was hoping for!
{XOXO notecard} One notecard... I might just send an anonymous Gossip Girl note to someone just to freak them out.

Like so many Gossip Girl episodes, this Birchbox left me confused and disappointed. 
Don't let me down June.

You know you love me...

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