Chicken and Peanut Butter Pie

I hope I got everyone's attention just by the title alone. I have not lost my marbles and mixed chicken and peanut butter in one dish but rather made two delicious recipes that I couldn't wait to share.

There is nothing more that I love than cooking for those that I love. When I get the chance to cook for a special group of girls I want to honor their food preferences while trying out new recipes I have had tucked away for special occasions.

There are a few things in the kitchen that I can't live without. It obviously includes my Kitchen Aid mixer, my butternut squash peeler, and my newest necessary object; the skillet. The most ironic part is that I don't own a skillet and have hijacked my neighbor's skillet with not plans of returning it... 
If I didn't share my food with them so often I think they might be angry and tell the landlord. 

This recipe from Minimally Invasive seemed perfect for a dinner party of four and I was actually surprised how easy this chicken dish was to make. The original recipe calls for red potatoes in the skillet along with the chicken and mushrooms but since I was making my favorite Summer Potato Salad I left out the potatoes in the main course. 

I kept dinner relatively simple with this chicken, potato salad, and fresh fruit and saved the richness and sinful tastes for dessert. I knew that my special birthday guests would want peanut butter for dessert and peanut butter I gave them with this  Hot Fudge Peanut Butter Pie.


I have learned that it is dangerous to serve this dish and then leave it on the table because plates soon become unnecessary and forks directly in the pan are deemed as proper manners. 
Everyone knows that chocolate and peanut butter are perfect together and this pie blends those in an addicting way. 
If anyone would like to try this I have one sliver left in my refrigerator that tempts me everyday.

Seriously, someone come finish off this pie.

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