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I spent the weekend in NYC and I have some great stories to share.
On our last day in the city, my sister and I were doing our last bit of shopping at Topshop in Soho and I left a little disappointed as I was empty handed. But as we emerged from the store we were stopped and asked "who is your style icon?"
My sister immediately answered "bloggers" and I chimed in with "Emily! From Cupcakes and Cashmere." I continued on by explaining that I love her because she is an 'every girl' with fashion that is easily replicated.

So then of course I tweeted at Emily...
...and she tweeted back at me.

...and then I freaked out in the middle of W. Broadway.

Of all the celebrities we spotted on this trip (Ramona from The Real Housewives, Brad Goreski and Nate Berkus, Charlize Theron) I freaked out most about being tweeted by my favorite blogger.

As soon as I got home I poured through all of Emily's outfit archives and compiled my favorite looks here.

I also love Emily because she has some really special pieces and isn't afraid to re-wear them.
She also loves Revlon lipstick and inspired my obsession with it as well.

Emily makes some pretty great food too.
All the more reason to love her.

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