Things I Love

For all those who have been reading this blog for awhile, I am sure you are thinking "wait, it's Monday, and Kathleen is doing a "Things I Love" blogpost"... 
Trust me, I am thinking the exact same thing. I haven't done a post like this in a long time and I have missed them. So the possibility of "Things I Love Thursdays" returning is a high chance, but today you get "Things I Love Monday".

Who doesn't love to start their Monday morning off with some lovely things?

VinoEco Candle Company
I love these candles made from recycled wine bottles. I especially love the ones with the Cupcake wine label because it makes for a really cute candle.
The Etsy shop has many different scents but I think Sangria White Peach sounds unbeatable.

Caloric Cuvee
This witty wine glass just makes me laugh. Honestly could be helpful and would make for a great gift for a girlfriend or your favorite blogger who loves it.

And lastly, I love this DIY for cutting wine bottles. It is on my weekly list of projects and hopefully it happens, when it does I will be sharing the results!

Anyone else see a trend here?


  1. I have been wanting to try cutting bottles as well... But it makes me kind of nervous! I can't wait to read how yours turn out. Great post, you find the cutest things!

  2. I need you to tell me how you felt about your birchbox this month! I like seeing what you got v. what I got :)


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