Mall Madness

Sometimes the thought of going to the mall makes me want to crawl and hide under my bed. 
The slow walking pace of all the other mall-goers is enough to keep me out forever, not to mention the pushy employees of the death trap known as mall kiosks.
(It should be known that I cannot make eye contact with any of these people because I am a sucker and will buy ANYTHING from anyone)

But most of the time the pros outweigh the cons of mall-shopping and you can find some great things all under one roof, like these items from some of my favorite stops in (almost) any mall.

{Clockwise from top}
Threadless Mad Love Tee- Gap (Not to mention all their rockin' vintage Olympics shirts)
Chevron belt- J. Crew- SWOON
Belle Sunglasses- J. Crew (on sale!)

So clearly I have a thing for J. Crew. 

Worth the crowds and kiosks.

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