Early Birthday Present

Rather than my birthday gift from my little sister coming wrapped up in paper and a bow, this year it came in the form of a blog makeover!
It seems like an odd present to give your older sister, but if you knew Annie and our relationship (especially regarding this blog) you would understand. 

I love the changes she picked out for my blog and I hope that you do too! 

My sister really does know me best, and always has my best interests in mind. Knowing her, she'll have a book deal lined up for me in no time.

My favorite part of the blog makeover? The handy dandy buttons to your right that let you follow me on twitter and interest with a simple click! Now I can share swoon-worthy moments through multiple social media sites with you all.

It's not even my birthday month (August) and I am already loving my presents!! 

She is the cute one, I'm just her sister. 

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