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I have been wanting to post about these lovely items for days (even weeks!) but I used my small amount of self control so that I could actually post on a Thursday. 
(It was by no means an excuse not to blog until Thursday...)

I love that today is Thursday, meaning that tomorrow is Friday, and then a long weekend. The thought of three full days of catching up on sleep, meals that don't require a microwave, and outfits that don't involve a cardigan (gotta love working at an elementary school) make this day so much sweeter and full of anticipation.

Speaking of sweet things and items that I am constantly day dream about--

 Customizable Notebooks and Planners (and so much more)! What I love most about this, other than the quirky designs and personal touches, is that the website shows you exactly what your order would look like before you purchase it. That way you won't be disappointed when it arrives and it supplies me at least an hour of distraction while I try out every combination.

Every piece of her fall 2012 jewelry collection is swoon-worthy. These earrings are just one thing that I am particularly coveting this week.

I had been searching for a good metallic gold nail polish for months and Essie delivered with their newest collection. I added "Good as Gold" and "Nothing Else Metals" to my collection of nail polishes last week, only to have to end up throwing out 7 other nail polishes that had dried up. I'm five short now and can't wait for fall colors to start hitting the shelves. See ya "Cajun Shrimp", bring on "Russian Navy"!

I have been wanting to blog about this perfume since I was in New York in late June. I was already a huge lover of Bond perfumes and received some samples from their store in NY. Usually I just throw them in the bottom of my purse for them to sit for all eternity, but my sample of Sag Harbor is now my daily perfume. I can only use one spray a day to savor this sweet, summer, Hamptons aroma, until I am absolutely forced to buy the full-sized bottle. 

I have been looking, trying on, touching this belt every time I walk into J. Crew.
Then I found one half the price at Ann Taylor Loft, then one for free in my mom's closet.
I still love, love, love this one from J. Crew.

Chevron rings. 
I am still obsessed. I loved the original rings that ASOS did in sweet, spring colors, but these neutrals and metallics are just asking to be worn all fall and winter. 
Even if they have to stay hidden under mittens sometimes, I still know they are there and they make me feel like an absolute rock star.

Love your long weekend.

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