Coffee Talk

It's that time again, and I am happy to share a delicious coffee drink that I enjoyed this week.

It all started last fall during one of my eavesdropping sessions at my neighborhood Starbucks. The man in front of me ordered a salted caramel americano. I had never had been a huge fan of salted caramel (oh how things have changed) and I had never had an americano, but still I waited until he was out of ear shot and asked for the exact same thing. He didn't catch me being a drink order theif, until the barista announced our drinks at the same time and I had to shamefully claim my drink.
I quickly got over my embarrassment as I enjoyed my new love in a cup.

This week I enjoyed a skinny salted caramel mocha and honestly I couldn't drink it fast enough. My one complaint about the mocha is that it is extremely sweet and left me with a stomach ache, but if you like sweet drinks then you will love this concoction. If you prefer a regular coffee with a little something extra, then I would ask for an americano with 2-pump sugar free caramel 1-pump toffee nut.

Both are sinfully delicious!

Salty. Sweet. Coffee.

Keep your yummy suggestions coming!

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