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My first few weeks of Pinterest I was very skeptical of the whole concept, I bored easily looking at it, and couldn't figure out the whole commotion about it.
Then something happened and a year and a half later and I am still obsessed over this site and visit it too many times in the day to count.

Need some outfit inspiration? I go to Pinterest.
What to cook for dinner? Pinterest again.
DIY ideas? Pinterest.
Home decorating? Pinterest.
How to accomplish all of these without going broke and getting fat? Still looking for that site.

Here are my five favorite pins from the last five days- some from the last five minutes since I just got off Pinterest for the seventh time today.

I have been swooning over this bedroom for days. It isn't my normal taste but there is something about it that makes me want to wake up there each morning. 

DISCLAIMER: I have not tried this recipe yet, nor do I believe I have ever tried banana pudding. I am on a banana kick right now and the picture alone made me want to jump out of bed and whip this up for a midnight snack, and a "healthy" breakfast. 

I believe this is my first and only wedding related pin ever, but I couldn't help myself after spending the entire weekend wedding dress shopping with my best friend. I have never seen so many beautiful (and not so beautiful) gowns in one day. "Wedding Dress" popped up in my Pinterest search bar on Monday more than once.

Sydney, from The Daybook, was one of my original blog crushes and still a daily fashion inspiration. I could repin every outfit she wears. 

A few lovely lyrics.

You can find all my little obsessions here.

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