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One of my favorite things to do on the weekends is getting a pedicure.
Let me rephrase, one of my favorite things to do on any day, at any hour is get a pedicure.

With fall weather upon us I am getting so excited about darker nail polish colors, although my toes will be hidden by socks and boots most of the fall and winter, I am still looking forward to these new hues. 
A close friend text me this past week asking what the "cool color" for fall was. My advice to her was not to go too dark since the transition from summer to fall is happening slowly. Then, this weekend,  I went against my own advice and got the darkest color on my toes. 

OPI's William Tell Me All About It has always been one of my favorite colors. Today I noticed how dark it really was and realized that someone might mistake this dark plum (with a hint of crimson) for black. 
To balance out my very dark toes, I got another OPI color on my fingers and think the two colors compliment each other quite nicely. 

Get Me to the Taj On Time is not your basic pale pink, but rather a muted, light mauve that I love for my finger nails. 

So I guess my new advice for nail colors right now would not be "don't go too dark too soon" but to go with the fall colors on either your fingers or toes and keep the other light. Trust me, there will be plenty of cold, winter days to paint both our toes and fingers as dark as night.

Goth toes and pretty princess fingers. 

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