Matchbook 20

I am so happy that the September issue of Matchbook Mag was the twentieth because it not only gave me a witty title, but also a great reason to track down all the Matchbox 20 songs on my iTunes. 
#NowPlaying Bright Lights

What was ironic was that when I went to type in "Matchbox 20" into my search bar on iTunes, I kept typing "Matchbook" and couldn't figure out where all my great songs had gone. Oops too many things on the brain at one time. 

The "Matchbook Girl List" is my favorite part of every issue that is published. I love to think of myself as a "Matchbook Girl", and this list either helps me confirm that in my mind or realize that there are so many things that I don't know-- I feel like this list is almost criteria that a girl has to meet before she can really be dubbed a "Matchbook Girl". If that means me switching my address to the Plaza Hotel or the BG Restaurant in NYC then so be it.

While I am anxiously awaiting Fashion Week, I unfortunately will just be enjoying the events and activities from my phone via twitter. But this list only makes me wish I was there more, not to mention all my favorite bloggers packing up for NYFW.
Next year.

I also love the feature about Margaret Mitchell, the southern belle author of Gone with the Wind. This beloved tale has always been one of my favorite movies, but I have surprisingly never read the book. I guess if I want to be in the Matchbook Club then I had better get to reading... and polishing my boots...and eating french toast. 
All things that I am more than happy to do!

Have a charmed September!

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