September Birchbox

It is that time of the month again--when I share all about the little pink box that I get in my little grey mailbox. For that matter, my Birchbox barely fits in any mailbox I have ever had. I am not complaining though (although my mailman might) because the bigger the box, the more beauty samples that are delivered to me each month.

This month's sampling was diverse, but quite satisfying. I have been wishing and hoping for a nail polish for months, and with the arrival of fall also came the arrival of a sweet, little nail polish to keep me happy for a few months. 

{Wei To-Go Sleepover Kit} 
A cleanser that is perfect to wash away your cooties after a night a girl talk, movies, and prank calls that is paired with a great moisturizing tint for the morning as you head to brunch.
Get rid of the clutter in your bag, and just toss this in and go!

{BVLGARI- Mon Jasmin Noir} 
My standard, monthly perfume sample. 
I have stopped smelling them, because I dislike them all, and just throw them into a drawer in my vanity. Please come over and take them, I would love to share. 

{Color Club Nail Polish}
 My shining gem in this Birchbox! This color was custom made for Birchbox based off the Fall 2012 collections. Perfect for a highlighted nail, or an all-over glitter manicure. Swoon!

{Vasanti Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator} 
Who doesn't want brighter skin?
This is a no brainer and I am all about it.

{Birchbox Extra} 
Brush Guards to keep your bristles in tip-top shape.
A free download for 2 new Tristan Prettyman songs.
Plus a great coupon for Madewell if you spend more than $150. Ironic since I had just made a purchase at Madewell the day before... If only I could have waited one day.

Bright skin and glitter nails for September. 

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