Chocolate Cobbler

On Saturday night I got to do one of my absolute favorite things, which is cook dinner for people that I love. Some of my best friends/family came to dinner and I love when we are all together. One reason that I enjoy cooking for this group of special people so much is that they love every thing that I have ever made them-- at least they do a really good job at pretending they like anything. 

For this particular night I knew that I wouldn't have very much time to prepare a meal, so I needed to have a meal that required little effort. 
I found the perfect main course (to be revealed later) and was searching for dessert when I found the recipe for Granny's Chocolate Cobbler. Once I found this I knew that I didn't even want to look for anything else.

Also pictured are the placemats I made for the dinner party-- also to be blogged this week.

I am such a fan of cobblers using fruit, I have even been known to request blackberry cobbler for my birthday. But with the change in the weather I loved that this was a change-up of this usual treat. Just like usual cobblers, you just combine everything in the pan and cook while you are eating dinner. 
Halfway through the baking process I realized I was out of sugar. Gasp! You just can't make dessert without sugar, and the Truvia I put in my coffee just wasn't going to cut it. I wish that I had neighbors that I felt comfortable enough with to ask to borrow a cup of sugar. But this concept was completely out of the question... Let's just say all of the apartments around me consist of one big family that will probably have a movie made about all of their shady business one day.
Instead I threw on my rain boots and rushed to the grocery store just in time to make it back before my dinner guests. 

The strangest part of the recipe came when you are supposed to pour a cup of hot water over the batter and just let it sit, without stirring, before you put it in the oven.
Just don't stir it, no matter how much you want to! This cup of water helps in making this cobbler completely crispy top layer over the perfect melted center. 

Serve with vanilla ice cream and you have the perfect dessert to enjoy with some perfect friends. 

Send the leftovers home with your guests to avoid middle of the night gorging. 

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