Girls Guide to the Matchbook Life

At the start of each new month comes the excitement of new weather, thrill of planned activities, and the arrival of fresh editions of your favorite magazines. 
As a child I would wait impatiently for the newest American Girl magazine to come each month. I would read the stories, take the quizzes, but most importantly punch out the paper dolls that each magazine held within it's pages.
As I grew up and grew out of American Girl (well who really grows out of American Girl) my monthly obsession was Teen Vogue when I could cut out fashion spreads, read up on the pressing issues of our youth, and read the horoscopes, of course. 

Now, I love getting my monthly House Beautiful in the mail for it's exquisite layouts and ideas, but there is no magazine that I look forward to more than my online Matchbook Mag.

October cover featuring Steven Alan

This month did nothing less than deliver it's usual swooning over every page.
A feature on how to create the perfect jewelry box, fashionable treats to please everyone, and my favorite new addition to the Matchbook goodie box-- checklists. Perfect little checklists for all the Matchbook Girls.

These checklists can help build your perfect closet to the perfect bar cart--just what we all need, especially in the changing season!

Being the movie fanatic that I am, I started with the classic Matchbook movies and started marking off those I had already seen. Now I just need to print this list off and have a movie marathon this weekend.
A big batch of movie popcorn and my favorite, oversized fleece blanket and I will be ready to start marking more movies of this list!

I was a little alarmed when I started marking off the closet checklist when realizing I am missing some vitals. I think I will start with the 'baubles' and work my way through the list, investing in some pieces and bargain hunting for others!

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