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I love love love working at a stationery store, especially one as cute as the one that I get to work at. Everyday that I work I decide that I need to throw a party, or write a million letters on sweet notecards, or decorate my room with sweet whimsies. 
My most recent paper obsession was featured yesterday in one of my pictures from my dinner party.
Paper placemats available at No Regrets in OKC.
I swooned over these gold, chevron paper placemats when I first saw them, and then went totally over the moon when I realized that I could print custom monograms on them! 
They were the perfect addition to my dinner party, and a wonderful way to make your guests feel so special. 
A glimpse of our dinner table, complete with hot pink, snakeskin napkins.

My guests took their placemats home with them, some complete with pasta sauce stains. But this got me thinking that I should try to make a set of placemats more durable for everyday use. Us teachers sure do love our laminating machines!

Another paper product that I love came from a blog that I have been crushing on since last week.

Eat Drink Chic is a lifestyle blog that also offers FREE downloadable images that are fabulous.
I immediately was drawn to these clever "Let's Do Coffee" cards that act as a perfect business cards for those who love to catch up and chat over a steamy vanilla-honey latte.
These cute cards give me just one more reason to meet with friends over my favorite beverage.
Eat, Drink, Chic also has girly business cards for meeting for cocktails and ice cream- just the other two delights that are best shared with company.

Killing trees in the name of cuteness. 

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