Giving Back, Thanks, and Treats

I am typing from the comfort of my own bed, at my parents house, and I couldn't be happier. I am in full Thanksgiving mode and even though I am technically not on break yet, I had to come home to prepare myself for the food and family festivities this week. 

Being thankful is what this time is all about and even Birchbox got in the holiday mood with their November box. Along with giving me treats this month, Birchbox gave me the opportunity to give back to someone that I love.

The morning that I received my monthly Birchbox in the mail, there was another package in my little mailbox for me. You can imagine my excitement to have not one, but two surprises in the mail, especially when I realized that the second package was from my little sister. I opened her package first to discover that the sweetest gift that was inspired by her own Birchbox.

In this month's Birchbox came a small, purple box thats sole-purpose is to regift to someone else. It originally came filled with the monthly beauty samples, but can be filled with anything else to give to someone else. In the case of my sister, she stuffed it with the ultimate gift-- a Starbucks gift card. 
Thanks sis, you made my whole week!

Now I can't wait to give this polka-dot box away to "make that special someone smile". In fact this whole concept makes me wish that I had more purple boxes to give out!

Along with a wonderful reminder to give thanks and give treats was my monthly dose of beauty happiness.

{Masqueology Revitalizing Eye} 
An under-eye gel mask that can hide even the dark bags after an all-nighter. It brightens while giving the illusion that you slept a full 12-hours. Sounds like a miracle worker to me. Now if I could just find a product that actually let me sleep a full 12 hours each night. 

{MCMC Fragrances in Phoenix}
It is another miracle! A perfume sample that I love! I am so hard to please because I am picky when it comes to perfume, but this scent from the Brooklyn perfumer is warm and feminine and I am happy!

{One Love Organics Body Serum}
A skin serum that smells wonderful and keeps skin hydrated and feeling soft. I have put it on the last couple of days and the scent lasts hours and makes my hands feel wonderful.

{stila All Over Liquid Luminizer}
My favorite Birchbox product is stila, so I am always thrilled to receive another sample from the beauty brand. This month it is a liquid shimmer that you can add to any makeup to add a bit of shine and sparkle for every day or special occasions. 

{Masqueology Masque Cleanse and 7 Day Moisture Cream}
The moisture cream was the first thing that I opened this month. With the colder weather my skin has been crying out for something like this and I am a big fan. The tiny sample has already lasted me four days and there is more left. 

Better to give than receive. 

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