Sweet Potato Burgers

aka. chick food.
No way would any male ever really consider this meal a burger, but that doesn't mean that it isn't delicious and a perfect meal for me!

Before I dive in to this new recipe, let me rave about my new favorite blog that has provided me more recipes than I count. How Sweet It Is is my go-to blog for all sorts of recipes these days, and they have ranged from cookies, pasta, to these burgers. So far she has not let me down!

These recipes are the next on my list!

I tried this burger recipe first because I have been on a major sweet potato kick for about the last 15 months. I eat one for dinner at least once a week, put them in cinnamon rolls, and look for every excuse to make them in to fries

Funny to look at, delicious to eat. 

Oops! Too much gabbing in the kitchen means "well-done" burgers-- still delicious!

I love the sauce because it has the most unlikely combination of ingredients (greek yogurt, maple syrup, garlic, and cayenne pepper!) that mix for a perfect topping for the sweet potato. 

I had a total George Banks (via Father of the Bride part I) freak out at the grocery store when it came to  buying these buns. I was cooking these for me and one of my roommates, which equals two buns. Well then I don't want to buy a package of eight buns! I thought so seriously about breaking open the bag, taking two, stuffing them in my pants purse, and walking out. Luckily this didn't happen, but I have never felt more like a middle-aged man wearing Side Kicks in my whole life. 

Perfect Monday night meal. Perfect with girlfriends (if they dare try it!). Perfect as a side dish for your man. Perfect with wine. Just perfect.

You'll Be Obsessed. I promise. 

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