Guest Post: DIY Polka Dot Jeans

Hello Peony readers, it's Annie, Kathleen's sister! I'm so excited to be guest blogging again. Today I have a really fun and easy DIY to share with you guys. The other day I got adventurous and made my own polka dot jeans. I had seen some AG and Paige polka dot jeans that I loved but wasn't ready to drop $180 on a pair of jeans, that let's be honest won't be in style in a year. Anyway, I found a really easy DIY on Pinterest and got crafting. I followed these simple instructions.

AG polka dot jeans $89

Paige polka dot jeans $189
What you need:
-old pair of dark skinny jeans
-pale blue squeeze bottle fabric paint (i like the pale blue because it isn't as stark as white, but white will do too.)
-push pin
-ironing board or long table

1. Lay your jeans out flat, and with your ruler mark a dot every 1.25 inch with the tip of your squeeze bottle. I worked in sections doing one leg and one side at a time letting it completely dry before moving on.

2. Dip the push pin in the paint and go over the small dots. Some dots turned out more perfect than other, but I like the way they aren't all exact.

3. Continuing going over the dots until your jeans are complete!

Finished product!
seeing spots



  1. Hi Kathleen!!

    You have a lovely blog!! The polka dot jeans turned out awesome, I love how you paired them with sneaks :-) Love your creativity. I'm following you now on all the above, keep in touch!!

    XO Jenna

    1. It was actually my younger sister who paired them with her converse! She is so trendy! Thanks for reading!


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