Febru-Any {+Link Love}

I had to name this post after one of the many Super Bowl commercials that aired last night. The Subway ad that inspired this blogpost title had me giggling and then prompted my family's own attempt to say "Febru-Any" without sounding ridiculous. Even though it is already the 4th of February I wanted to start the month by sharing some of my favorite things- swoon-worthy sweets, new blog crushes, and even a video about Russians and their tall hats.

These heart bowls from West Elm have been all over the blogs in the last couple of weeks- so it is no surprise that when I went to find them on this Monday morning, they would be no longer available. Typical Monday morning move by West Elm. For that reason I am especially loving J. Crew who still has these beautiful earrings in stock. I love the combination of colors and texture that would be sure to liven up any outfit. Speaking of outfits, how badly do I want to be wearing the outfit above? Even if it is going to be warmer today in Oklahoma, I know that I will still be freezing and that sweater and fur scarf look wonderful. Valentine's Day is officially next week and if you haven't yet made dinner reservations then why not cook at home? Making homemade pizzas, like this chicken caesar salad pizza, is not just delicious but fun- especially when you actually make the dough and throw it in the air like you a real dough man. 

More Link Love
This video had me laughing out loud

More ideas for cooking in on Valentine's Day

To & From Valentine's Gift Guide (which you can send to your sweetie anonymously with certain items starred- genius!)

I love this sandal for Spring.

I couldn't come up with my favorite Super Bowl ad, so I have been re-watching them all here.

Blog Crushes
Love and Olive Oil - plus a great giveaway!

Let's just make it to Tuesday.

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  1. THANK YOU thank you for the link love!! Can I tell you how much I love your blog name {and your blog}?? Peonies are my fave! xoxo


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