Baked Cinnamon Vanilla Donuts (With Glaze and Sprinkles)

There is really nothing better than donuts on a Saturday morning, or a weekend morning, or any morning for that matter. We have all been eating them since we were kids and they definitely bring back fond memories of early morning trips to the local Daylight Donut with my dad and sisters. It also reminds me of Sunday mornings at church, skipping class in high school to go to Krispy Kream, and a month ago when I shamelessly ate 3 donuts and more than a dozen donut holes in one sitting. Everyone has there own memories of donuts and I can't imagine that any of them are bad.
I woke up this past Saturday morning so full of energy and happiness that I knew a typical greek yogurt breakfast was just not going to cut it. I wanted donuts covered in a sweet glaze and cinnamon sugar and colored sprinkles that turn my teeth the color of a rainbow. The only problem is that I don't have a donut pan... no worries there, that is what Google is for! Just type in "DIY donut pan" and up pops this recipe and DIY. This blogger not only gives you the recipe but a pretty easy way to make your own pan out of foil.
My coffee and "donuts"

These donuts don't have quite the same consistency as your classic donut shop, and I might even prefer to call them breakfast cake. Regardless, they are wonderful and scrumptious and perfect for a lazy Saturday morning of reading and watching the Pioneer Woman. 

Wishing I had a donut now.

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