March On

I was in such a funk all last week and I was hoping that by the first day of March I would be back to my normal self. As wonderful as March 1st was, I didn't feel completely cured. It wasn't until Saturday that I woke up (at 5:00 AM) feeling completely refreshed, happy, and excited to start the day and new month. So excited that I jumped out of bed and went straight to the kitchen to make donuts! I have lots to share (mostly recipes) this week, but for today I have my life to share through pictures from the weekend that inspired me and got me out of my funk. 

I had the opportunity to participate in a fun fashion show on Friday morning! This Clover Canyon short and blazer set was my favorite!
Poached eggs and grits (with avocado and red pepper flakes) for dinner with my sister on Friday night. I still didn't feel like doing much cooking, so she sweetly took over and cooked for me. I contributed with cilantro-lime sweet potato wedges and chocolate covered blood oranges for dessert!
Homemade donuts for Saturday morning breakfast-sprinkles were a must! Recipe to come soon!
Beautiful blooms that came with words of inspiration played a huge role in bringing in the new, fresh month. 
Saturday night meant two great parties, one of them which I got to dance the night away with my favorite gal, my mom.
This is going to be the best month. 

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