Coffee Talk

Being the avid Starbucks customer that I am, of course I receive notifications and emails and tweets when the coffee house releases a new drink. This week when I heard about the new Hazelnut Macchiato I immediately wanted to drive to the closest Starbucks to try it out. I attempted to get one on Wednesday morning but made the mature decision to skip Starbucks to avoid being late to work- how grown up of me. Thursday, I planned a little better and was able to purchase my tall non-fat hazelnut macchiato and still make it to work three minutes early. Not only was I feeling great because I made it to work on time, I also loved my outfit, and was drinking a great cup of coffee.

This macchiato doesn't need any cream or sugar since it is already pretty sweet, but perfectly sweet. I was disappointed to drink the last sip and seriously thought about getting another after work. Instead I will get one Friday morning, and probably Saturday, and Sunday before I insist on going back to regular coffee to save my wallet. 
Coffee is my addiction. 

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